Share MacBook Internet Connection with Xbox 360

If you’ve tried to share your MacBook’s internet connection with Xbox 360 you’ve probably realized its a giant headache cheap cialis canada. Copy the ip addresses from your mac, manually enter them in Xbox, then repeat over and over when the ip changes. Its really annoying! Why can’t it “just work,” as the Apple mantra goes, why cant DHCP just auto configure the IPs for us like its supposed to? Well, I can’t answer why it doesn’t work but i can share a fix that worked for me…

Go to “System Preferences” > Sharing and enable “Internet Sharing” by clicking the checkbox

Then, in terminal, type:

sudo nano /etc/bootpd.plist

Enter your password when it asks then use the arrow keys to scroll down until you see:

<key>reply_threshold_seconds</key>        <integer>4</integer>

Change the “4” to “0” then hit “control + x” on your keyboard to exit (make sure you hit “Y” to save the changes!)

Now restart your internet connection, make sure internet sharing is still turned on and reconnect your xbox and it should connect now automatically!


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