Envisioning a Drug Reference iPhone App

Mockups for my dream drug reference iPhone app….

Main Screen

  • Ability to search across all databases from main screen. Results should look like spotlight with the icons for each database
  • History / Favorites button built into search bar
  • Icon / grid based navigation gives visual cues. Easy to remember where each database is located. Avoid long endless lists to scroll through when ever possible
  • Multiple screens to swipe through for all the databases (just like iOS homescreen)
  • No toolbar on the bottom of the screen. Screen real estate is the most important design consideration, keep everything on the home screen click here now.
  • Big loud notifications, make sure users are using the latest updates

Search/Drug Listing Screen

  • Search and browse by generic, brand, or therapeutic class
  • Slightly thinner rows allow more fields to be on the screen at once
  • Smaller baseline font-size avoids having rows being vastly different sizes depending on length of the name
  • No tool bar preserves screen real estate – only one tap gets you back to the homescreen.

Drug Monograph Screen

  • Use of collapsable fields and dividers to break up walls of text
  • Allow users to customize default order of sections by dragging. If you usually look up drugs for dosing, make that first. If you dont care about “foreign brand names” collapse that field and get it out of the way.
  • Use the iPhones built in picker to jump to different sections


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