FastDial Theme for Firefox

FastDial Theme for Firefox

FastDial is a firefox extension that will replace “about:blank” page with a page of thumbnails for your favorite websites. Right-click on any webpage and choose “Add to Fast Dial” from the context menu to add it to the FastDial page. All the default themes seemed flat and boring, and the included editor is not very powerful. I opened up the .CSS file for the themes and used some of the <a href="https://developer original” target=”_blank”>Mozilla CSS Extensions to add some nice effects such as gradients, borders, and shadows to spruce it up a bit. Unfortunatly, by modifying the .CSS file directly it breaks the ability to edit the colors in the preferences pane, but by editing the css file directly you can customize it to whatever color scheme you want.

To install: Right click on the FastDial page then go to “preferences > appearance > import”

To Download: Click Here (


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