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Generate an AMA style citation, the style used in most medical and scientific journals. Below are examples of the many different inputs the citation generator can understand.


Drag this to your Bookmarks Bar to automatically generate a citation from any webpage: Citation


Pubmed IDs are the most reliable way of getting an accurate, fully-formated citation
using this tool. Input either a PubMed ID or the URL of the abstract page for the

DOI Name

A digital object identifier (DOI) is a character string used to uniquely identify an
electronic document or other object. If a PubMEd ID isn’t available this is the
second most reliable query.



URL of a journal publication. Scrapes the meta data of the webpage looking for
PUBMED ID, DOI, or other identifying tags. Not always the most reliable since some
publications don’t embed this information. If nothing is found using the URL as a
query, look through the contents of the page for a DOI number.



  • commonly cited websites, e.g. wikipedia,eMedicine, whonamedit

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